HIV Support Services

The Persons Living with AIDS NETWORK of Saskatchean (PLWA) provides SUPPORT, CARE AND EDUCATION services for Persons Living with HIV/ AIDS. It is our goal to create a positive attitude and engender a feeling of hope for persons with HIV/AIDS, as well as for their families, friends and partners.
Our Services include:
  • Nutritional Support
  • Daily Lunches
  • Hot Meal for Group Sessions
  • Munchies and a Movie Everyday
  • Multi-Vitamins Program
  • One on One Support Counselling
  • Peer and Professional Support
  • Health and Wellness Guidance
  • Socializing Activities
  • Birthday Celebrations (cake)
  • Advocacy/Referrals
  • Drop-In Centre
  • Emergency Care Fund
  • and much more....
THE PLWA does not prescribe to call display. All contacts are confidential.
The HIV/AIDS NETWORK provides free support to persons affected and inflicted with AIDS/HIV in Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan.
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